paris food bank (2)Many Eurodiaconia members are active in providing food and emergency aid in their home countries and have made use of European programs to fund their efforts, such as of the former ‘Food Distribution Program for the Most Deprived Persons of the Community’ (MDP) or its successor, the ‘Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived’ (FEAD).

11 Eurodiaconia members involved in the application and implementation process of these funds have taken the time to share their experiences and critiques of the previous and ongoing food aid funding period. Their input was based on interview answers which were captured in a paper and referred to the European Commission and Parliament to raise awareness of the positive and negative aspects of the funding tools and to give recommendations for future changes.

Most members had a generally positive experience with the fund, stressing its importance and usefulness in providing help for the most deprived. Nevertheless, some critical points were stressed, such as the heavy administrative burden or the reception of untimely information.

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