indexLast Tuesday, The Open Society Foundation presented its recently released report at the European Parliament. Their report is on the impact of litigation against the segregation of Roma Children in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece.

The meeting, chaired by the Hungarian MEP Péter Niedermüller, put together a group of lawyers, activists and civil society representatives to discuss the long-standing issue of segregation and discrimination against Roma pupils at school.

Roma children are often sent to separate schools or segregated in ad hoc classes, where only other Roma kids are grouped. Moreover, the percentage of Roma children sent to “special” schools for disabled children is highly above average, which suggests a high number of wrong diagnosis, allowed by a system of prejudices.

Generally speaking, education provided to Roma children is generally of a lower standard, with the result that students are left unqualified for all but the most basic jobs, and become trapped in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

To tackle what is already a system in force, many strategies need to be put in place. The Open Society’s study shows the positive impacts and changes that have come about as a result of legal action.

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Find the Report on Strategic litigation impacts here (EN).