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    Eurodiaconia links diaconal actors to examine social needs, develop ideas and influence policies impacting Poverty and Social Exclusion, Social and Health Care Services and the Future of Social Europe.

    Eurodiaconia also provides a platform for transnational networking and best practice sharing.  


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    As the leading network for diaconal work in Europe, we look to develop dialogue and partnership between members and influence and engage with the wider society.  We do this to enable inclusion, care and empowerment of the most vulnerable and excluded and ensure dignity for all.


  • Our goals

    We aim to see a positive social change in Europe through:

    Praxis, enabling membership engagement and partnerships

    Advocacy, creating a network of competence to impact policies at European and national level

    Identity and values, supporting the development of approaches and thinking on Diaconia in Europe today


Calendar Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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Calls for project proposals
Call for proposals – 3rd programme of community action in the field of health (2014-2020)

02 July 2015

The European Commission has launched a call for porposals on "Support for the implementation and scaling up of good practices in the areas of integrated care, frailty prevention, adherence to medical plans and age-friendly communities."
The European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing was selected as a pilot to tackle the challenge of an ageing population within the Innovation Union, one of the flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy, and it is now in the implementation phase. The aim of this action is to build on the preliminary results of the Partnership, in the areas of integrated care, frailty prevention, adherence to medical plans and age-friendly communities. This action will facilitate the implementation and scaling-up of good practices at local, regional or country level or the exchange of good practices between Member States, supporting the potential of innovation in health and social care by encouraging the integration of health and care and highlighting independent living and participation in the community. The results of this action should show the benefits of moving towards community based health and social care which enables older people to remain active and healthy for longer as well as providing efficient care and treatment when needed. The results will also contribute to an informed decision-making at European level.
The budget for this call is 2.500.000 Euros. The maximum duration of a project is 36 months. The final deadline for the submission of proposals is 15 September 2015.
The annual work programme of the Health Programme 2015 is available here. The link to the call for proposals is available here.
A list of national info days on the Health Programme 2014-2020 is available here.
Call for projects: Social Innovation Tournament

17 February 2015

The Social Innovation Tournament is the flagship initiative of the Europe Investment Bank (EIB) Institute’s Social Programme. It is organised every year in a different country to reward and sponsor European entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to generate a social, ethical or environmental impact.

Three prizes are awarded by a Jury, composed of specialists from the academic and business world: General Category 1st and 2nd Prizes of EUR 25 000 and EUR 10 000 respectively and a Special Category Prize of EUR 25 000. In 2015, the Special Category Prize will go to projects addressing equal opportunities issues with a special emphasis on people with disabilities.

Projects are typically related to fighting unemployment, marginalisation of disadvantaged communities and promoting access to education in a wide range of fields, from education and health care to natural or urban environment, through new technologies, new systems, and new processes.

The Tournament runs in two rounds. A Selection Committee comprised mainly of EIB Group experts in innovation, the environment, and other relevant disciplines selects up to 15 projects. The finalists are invited to a mentoring boot camp to provide them with the necessary guidance for the finalisation of their proposals.

In the Final Event, all the finalists have to present and defend their project to a Jury composed of social innovation specialists.

The call for projects for the 2015 edition will run until 21 March 2015. To submit your proposal or for more information, please click here.

Registration time: Charlemagne Youth Prize 2015 open for applications

09 December 2014

The Charlemagne Youth Prize, organised by the European Parliament and the International Charlemagne Prize Foundation in Aachen, awards each year projects run by youth aged between 16 and 30. The winning projects should provide models for young people living in Europe and offer practical examples of Europeans living together.
The three winning projects will be awarded €5,000, €3,000, and €2,000 respectively. Their representatives will be invited to visit the European Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg in the autumn. Representatives of the 28 national winning projects will be invited to the Charlemagne Youth Prize award ceremony and the International Charlemagne Prize of the City of Aachen award ceremony two days later during a four-day trip to Aachen in May 2015.
2 December 2014: launch of the competition and online applications
2 February 2015: deadline for applications
13 March 2015: selection of the 28 projects by the national juries
23 April 2015: selection of the three winning projects by the European jury
12 May 2015: award ceremony in Aachen
For more information, please click here.
Call for proposals in the field of active citizenship

30 October 2014

The European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA - has opened a call for proposals for activities and events, which take place by the end of 2014 and are committed to the advancement of ALDA’s main goals, which are local democracy and good governance in partnership with civil society organisations and with participation of citizens to the decision-making.

They should promote an active involvement by citizens EU public affairs, debates and policies and work towards an ever-integrated European Union. The applications should show links to the previous and forthcoming European years (EY Citizens – 2013/2014;EY Development – 2015)
The conditions are the following:

The applicants are local authorities or civil society organisations;

  • The events can be conferences or debates, seminars, training course, campaigns and other visibility elements;
  • The events need to take place in Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovakia and the Netherlands (restrictive list of countries);
  • The event should preferably address a partnership between civil society and local authorities;
  • The co-funding from the applicants will go as follows:

When ALDA grants 1000 Euros, the applicant will present minimum 1000 Euros as co-funding (Total 2000 Euros per event)
When ALDA grants 2000 Euros, the applicant will present minimum 3000 Euros as co-funding (Total 5000 Euros per event)
When ALDA grants 3000 Euros, the applicant will present minimum 7000 Euros as co-funding (Total 10.000 Euros per event)
IMPORTANT: the co-funding by the applicant cannot originate from EU funds and projects.

  • The report will need to include the list of expenses with related invoices.
  • The activity needs to end before 31st December 2014;
  • The activity needs to mention ALDA’s support and the support by the Programme Europe for citizens by displaying ALDA and Europe for Citizens logos in the agendas and other main documents.

Please find below the application form. Please note the maximum length of the application is 3 pages.
Applications have to be sent by 10 November via email to Mrs. Biljana ZASOVA, ALDA Senior Programmes Coordinator, at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Guidelines for application


Please insert an objective explaining the links with Active European Citizenship and the previous and forthcoming European years (EY Development – 2015; EY Citizens – 2013/2014)


Description of the activity


Date of the activityno later than 31st December 2014


Please mention the total amount financed by ALDA and co-financed by the applicant


Please explain where do your co-funding come


Motivation letter and detailed budget of the activity

Call for proposals: Information centres for intra-EU migrant workers and posted workers

23 May 2014

A call for proposals has been launched on "Preparatory action: Information centres for intra-EU migrant workers and posted workers". With this call the European Commission is addressing the challenges EU migrant workers and their family members face, such as discrimination and barriers to exercise their right to free movement, due to still poor national compliance with the EU rules in this area. There is limited provision of information at national level both to the workers themselves and other stakeholders.

The overall scope of this Preparatory Action is to explore the feasibility of cross-border networking activities which intend to improve the facilities for support, advice and information provided at national level to EU migrant workers and their family members and to ensure that such support and assistance can be provided in a cross-border context. The is intended to support a maximum of three initiatives aimed at networking experiences between the already existing Equality bodies and/or entities established at national level to support EU migrant workers. Each initiative shall cover a minimum of five eligible countries.

Actions should focus on (1) Provision and distribution of informationto EU migrant workers as well as posted workers; and (2) Legal support to EU migrant workers.

The deadline for the call is 20 June 2014. The maximum duration of the project is 12 months. The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is EUR 700 000 with the European Union co-financing percentage limited to a maximum of 80% of the total eligible costs of the action. Applicants must contribute at least 20 % of the total eligible costs of the action.

Elegibility criteria:

- Applicants must be an already existing Equality Body in a Member State as established by EU law or be an entity established at national level to support EU migrant workers

- Act in co-operation with at least 4 co-applicants established in at least 4 other different Member States which are as well already existing Equality Bodies as established by EU law or entities established at national level to support EU migrant workers

 This Call for proposals is intended to finance specific actions, projects or initiatives. Therefore grants are not intended to finance the normal operations of the bodies presenting applications; they are intended only to cover additional expenditure linked directly to the activities of the project. Eligible activities may consist of (non-exhaustive):

-  case studies;
-  cooperation projects;

-  training activities;
-  monitoring actions;
-  awareness and dissemination actions;
-  counselling and mentoring activities;
-  research and collection activities
-  dissemination of information

The call for proposals can be accessed here. If you are looking for partners or need any further information, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Provision and distribution of informationto EU migrant workers and posted


Legal support to EU migrant workers

2014 NextBankers Bringing Europe Back to People Competition Prize is open!

22 May 2014

The 2014 Next Bankers Prize awards up to 2000 Euros to projects that have a positive impact on European citizens and are organised by organisations or individuals based in the European Union. NextBankers is the first online application to fund and follow EU democracy and will be launched in June 2014. With Nextbankers, small or big innovators from across the EU can find their audience to finance and realise their great projects.

Organisations that are seeking financial solutions to develop their project must be considering the option of crowd funding for the entire or just a part of their financing structuring and must be ready to put their fundraising campaign live on Nextbankers as from
15th of June 2014.
Projects eligible for funding shall be in one of the following categories: employment, housing, health, education, environment, food, craft, culture, Africa, diplomacy, crisis response, democracy, business or technology. Members interesed in applying are asked to explain in one sentence the positive impact of their project and send it together with your name and the amount of funding requested to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Access the flyer to learn more about the 2014 Next Bankers Prize.

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