2014 active inclusion 1Eurodiaconia has been involved in writing, together with EAPN, a short document which is now available to download, giving some key arguments in favour of an active inclusion approach.

Active Inclusion is an EU strategy which aims to promote the social inclusion and social protection of those furthest from the labour market by tackling issues of minimum income, access to quality services and inclusive labour markets in an integrated way. The objective of the active inclusion strategy is to facilitate the integration into sustainable, quality employment of those who can work and provide resources which are sufficient to live in dignity, together with support for social participation, for those who cannot. As of 2008, Member States have agreed to implement this strategy.

However, little progress has been made in providing an integrated comprehensive strategy for active inclusion which combines adequate minimum support, inclusive labour market with access to quality services. In this short leaflet, EAPN gives 10 indisputable arguments for an integrated active-inclusion strategy, to reduce poverty, exclusion and inequalities and to enable everyone to live a decent life and participate in society. It also explains what Active Inclusion is, what it is not and the 3 pillars it should be based on. It also tackles the obligation or responsibility national governments have to implement the active inclusion strategy.

Download it here