Our member in Sweden, Sveriges Stadsmissioner (National Association of Swedish City Missions), has released its 2017 poverty report. 

The report describes the reality of poverty existing in Sweden today, with many many people still falling through the cracks, where no one takes overall responsibility. The report calls to stop turning a blind eye to the fact that people today, in Sweden 2017, are going hungry.

The publication describes the work of the Association of City Missions in providing support to societies’ most vulnerable. The city missions’ task is to prevent need and relieve suffering. In practice, that means urgent work on food, warmth, clothes and sometimes – sleeping accommodation. As well as long-term change work where each person is met on the basis of their unique situation and opportunities. The city mission workers try to find paths where doors have been closed, to guide people to empowerment.

The report provides real life examples of people who have fallen through the cracks and fallen victim to poverty and social exclusion, including the disabled, EU mobile citizens and undocumented migrants.

The main areas of work that the city missions are active and where they seek to address causes of poverty are : food or food subsidy; material support such as clothing and sanitation products, financial support; authority contacts concerning financial vulnerability and inclusive/participatory activities.

You can learn more about the activities of National Association of Swedish City Missions, as well as the situation in Sweden, through the full 2017 report on poverty.