A public consultation period has been launched until the 31st May 2017 to gather comments and feedback regarding the Erasmus+ Programme. The aim of the consultation is to gain perspectives from various stakeholders and the wider public concerning:

  • The coherence and added value of the Programme in the field of education, training, youth and sports
  • The relevance of the Programme’s objectives
  • The effectiveness of the measures to achieve and implement these objectives

The European Commission encourages stakeholders and the general public to fill in an online questionnaire before 31st May, in which there will be a space to upload a more detailed contribution. The consultation, which can be done anonymously, will also provide the opportunity for those participating to answer questions in relation to a possible successor programme to Erasmus+ in 2020.

Following the consultation, the results will be compiled to inform the ongoing mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ Programme, and to produce a summary report addressed to the European Parliament and the Council.

You can learn more about the consultation process, including factsheets and information about the Erasmus+ Programme, via the open consultation call.

For any queries or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Florian at florian.tuder@eurodiaconia.org