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On the 6th of April, our Scottish member Church of Scotland- CrossReach opened its first ”old fashion sweetie shop.” The small shop is aimed at enabling residents to engage in practical reminiscence, helping them to unlock memories from yesteryear. It will also provide an opportunity to gather together, as well as to redevelop skills in money recognition.

It is widely recognised that the impact of sharing stories and demonstrating activities previously enjoyed is particularly significant for individuals who have lost or are losing their short-term memory. Reminiscence can provide a sense of belonging, worth and general wellbeing and this is what the team at Cumnor Hall continue to develop.

The nursing home Cumnor Hall is located in Ayr, UK, and offers an excellent environment, boasting 31 bedrooms (all recently upgraded with en-suite facilities). People who stay in Cumnor Hall are encouraged to furnish their bedroom with their personal belongings to their own taste.

To know more about the shop and Cumnor Hall, check the project’s news.