On the 30th of August, the European Commission published its Midterm Review of the EU Framework on National Roma Integration Strategies. This framework was adopted in 2011 in order to encourage Member States to develop and implement national strategies for promoting Roma inclusion in the fields of employment, education, housing and health. The Midterm Review analyses the impact of national strategies covering the past five years, based on input from national authorities, civil society and other partners.

The review finds that the main achievement of the framework has been the increased political commitment to support Roma people and address Roma integration. It recognises that five years have been short to make significant change, and that the impact on Roma people has remained limited. Some progress has been made in the field of education, while integration into the labour market and fighting discrimination remain the most challenging aspects. Small improvements have been noted in the field of housing and health, but several challenges persist and need to be further addressed in all four fields.

To know more about the Midterm Review, check the Communication and Staff Working Document