Eurodiaconia has published an updated briefing on how our members’ work in the area of migration and integration can be supported through EU-funding. 

The briefing contains an extended overview of thirteen funds and programmes. Some of them might not seem to support migration projects at a first glance, like the European funds for agriculture or for fisheries. Having a deeper look, however, reveals that these programmes have an allocated budget for actions regarding migration and are therefore worth consideration.

The briefing is aimed at helping Eurodiaconia members to access those sources and to better understand the rationale behind them. The publication also provides relevant and useful information concerning co-financing and project management. A collection of useful links to the EU programmes, to further in-depth studies of the funds and to the Eurodiaconia funding tool-kit are also incuded.

For more information about the paper and funding possibilities, please consult the briefing. (EN)