Our Hungarian member Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) is carrying on an Aid Project addressed to families and elderly in need in Transcarpathia, whose population, in recent years, has been depriving due to the The Ukrainian-Russian conflict and the economic difficulties.

The households of the region are receiving heating material, food, hygiene and health care thanks to an Aid Programme funded by the Association of Towns with County Rights (MJVSZ) and started in last December. HIA office in Beregszász, present in the region for over 20 years as social and development center, has been asked to implement the large-scale aid program. The first phase of this one and a half-year program has supported 40 settlements, 675 families received food and hygiene support, while 200 households have received 500 kg bio-briquette for winter heating.

The 2018 Easter program, with a total value of 100 million HUF, will continue with new distributions and the support will also help to continue and expand children development programs at the Beregszász Center of HIA.

To know more about this project, visit HIA website.