The Austrian Disability Council, of which our member Diakonie Österreich is part of, has recently published its “Second alternative report on the implementation of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in Austria”.

The report shows how the situation of persons with disabilities in Austria has hardly changed compared to 2013 when the last civil society report was issued. The situation has even deteriorated in some areas such as education, work, and accessibility. Last but not least, the report stresses that financial cuts in the areas of work, education, healthcare, social affairs and research negatively affected persons with disabilities to a large extent. However, it is hard to have a homogeneous picture of the situation of people with disability in Austria due to its federal form of government.

The Austrian Disability Council includes 80 member organisations and represents the interests of about 1.4 million people with disabilities living in Austria.


To know more about the situation of people with disability in Austria, check the Council’s report.