Our German member Diakonie Michaelshoven has recently launched its campaign “Ohne dich …” (without you) to raise money and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the campaign foundation and to acknowledge the help of the many dedicated donors.

Over the last 10 years, the foundation Stiftung der Diakonie Michaelshoven has supported projects for children, youth, elderly people, people with disabilities and other people living under difficult circumstances.

The campaign shows very concrete examples of what Diakonie Michaelshoven has been able to achieve thanks to its fundraising campaigns. Among the others, there is the Thomas-Müntzer-Home for elderly people, providing pet therapy services for people with dementia twice per month.

Interacting with animals such as lamas helps this specific group to feel less isolated and alone. As can be seen in the campaign video, a lama visited 89-year-old Anna even at her bed when she missed a therapy session due to her health problems.

More information on the campaign and further examples can be found on our member’s website.


Watch our member Diakonie Michaelshoven video for its foundation’s 10th anniversary!


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