Our Supervisory Board has approved the application for membership of Federatia Filantropia Timisoara. 

Fundatia Filantropia Timisoara is a Romanian non-for profit charity organisation based in Timisoara, West Romania, and founded in the Christian faith in January 2006 under the patronage of the Timisoara Orthodox Diocese. Fundatia Filantropia Timisoara is active in West Romania in the field of elderly care, extreme poverty, support for victims of human trafficking, long term care, and people with disability. It currently employs 35 social workers and about 12 volunteers.

The aim of Fundatia Filantropia Timisoara is to support people experiencing poverty and social exclusion despite their social and religious background. Through its strong Christian approach, Fundatia Filantropia Timisoara works on a daily basis to sustain and improve the living and spiritual conditions of people in Timisoara in the spirit of modern diaconia.

Our new member provides different services to people in need across Timisoara region:
• Centres for people with disability
• Support for families in poverty
• Centres for victims of human trafficking
• End of life care
• Nursing homes
• Educational trainings
• Day centres for children

Fundatia Filantropia Timisoara is a member of Federatia Filantropia and cooperates with the Network of Social Care Organisation in Europe (SoCareNet), and Eurodiaconia member Diakonie Neuendettelsau, part of Diakonie Deutschland.

In their application form Fundatia Filantropia Timisoara state that they wish to have a membership of Eurodiaconia because: “Taking into account our identity and the latest organisation’s enlargement, it is now time to be actively involved in transnational events, projects and partnerships. We can contribute to the advocacy work of Eurodiaconia with the expertise gained in the Timisoara Region, as well as the relationship with the other 22 members of Federatia Filantropia and the good cooperation with Romanian local and national authorities.”