Applications are now open for The Disability Rights Scholarship Program, which offers awards to individuals from Ethiopia, Lesotho, Sudan, South Sudan, Czech Republic, Georgia, and Ukraine for law degrees.

The Disability Rights Scholarship Program provides yearlong awards for master’s degree study to disability rights advocates, lawyers, and educators to develop new legislation, jurisprudence, policy, research, and scholarship to harness the innovations and opportunities offered by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

This is a great opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of international law and education, with a focus on disability rights, and gain the tools necessary to engage in a range of CRPD implementation strategies. Topics studied related to the implementation of the CRDP  will include: challenging rights violations in their home countries by drafting enforceable legislation consistent with the CRPD; utilizing enforcement mechanisms set forth in the Convention; taking forward disability rights litigation requesting CRPD-compliant remedies; engaging in disability rights advocacy; and developing law, education, or other academic curricula informed by the CRPD.

Please keep in mind that the deadline for the application is on 6 January 2020.

We encourage our interested member to circulate this news among their network as it may be of great value to upscaling their staff and the quality of their work. Eurodiaconia strives to promote the quality of social and healthcare services in Europe, which also means supporting our members in their work with people with disabilities. Our recent breakfast meeting at the European Parliament brought together MEPs, policy and advocacy officers to also discuss how to better defend the rights of people with disabilities.

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To know more about the Scholarship, please visit the Open Society Foundation’s website.

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