Earlier this month, our Danish member Kofoeds Skole released a video on the importance of social responsibility for community organisations, businesses and the wider society. 

The short video shows some of the initiatives brought forward by Kofoeds Skole, which promote the social inclusion of marginalised or vulnerable individuals through vocational courses or professional skilling-up. Since 1928, Kofoed’s School has existed as a place where unemployed and socially disadvantaged people could come and receive support and the offer of an active everyday life.

The video makes clear how, as consumers, a small effort can go a long way. By buying a bottle of apple juice made by the school’s pupils, for instance, you will have a direct impact on someone’s life, both materially and emotionally as appreciation for someone’s work has clear effects on self-confidence and trust in one’s abilities. Social responsibility thus becomes a driver of change and something we should all consider at some stage in our lives.

At Eurodiaconia, we take access to employment and the promotion of social inclusion very seriously. Our members run similar initiatives as Kofoeds Skole across Europe, targeting other disadvantaged groups like homeless people, Roma and migrants. By offering people the means to lift themselves out of poverty, our membership supports social cohesion and the prevention of radicalisation, extremism and anti-social behaviours.



To watch Kofoeds Skole’s video, please visit our member’s website.

To know more about our work on social inclusion and access to employment, we encourage you to read our recent policy paper.