CrossReach – part of our member the Church of Scotland – is one of the largest and most diverse voluntary sector social care organisations in that country. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the organisation in several ways, with staff and volunteers working tirelessly to offer practical and emotional support to many people during the crisis.

To meet this challenge, CrossReach had to adapt some of their services making use of technology, to ensure that, wherever possible, those who rely on their services remained connected to those important to them, were protected from the worst effects of the virus, and felt loved.

According to the Board convener, Rev Thom Riddell, the pandemic exposed the cracks of a fragile social care system, showing that the care sector is not adequately recognised for its immense contribution to society. The COVID-19 caused trauma and exhaustion among staff and important financial damage to the service.

CrossReach employs nearly 1,700 people across Scotland and provides a wide variety of services for people in different stages of their life. Its social role is essential, particularly in challenging times like this.

To know more about the work that they do, please visit this website.