We are delighted to announce that Diakonie München und Oberbayern and Diaconía Madrid have joined our Membership. Our European diaconal network is now represented by 54 Members across the continent – all working hard to achieve a socially just and equal Europe for all.

It’s no secret that even before the pandemic, our Members have been at the forefront of social and health care provision for some of our most vulnerable communities. From long-term care for our elderly communities to initiatives to alleviate the impact of homelessness to projects that promote integration for persons with refugee status – our Members are continuing to deliver and react to the challenges and barriers that prevent many of us from fully participating in society.

Diakonie München und Oberbayern and Diaconía Madrid are no exception and we are very excited to be working alongside them and collaborating on many of our shared issues and thematic policy areas.

Whether it’s Diakonie München und Oberbayern’s work on support for the elderly or educational and vocational training for our migrant communities – or Diaconía Madrid’s programmes aimed at tackling unemployment or child poverty and inequality, the team at Eurodiaconia are ready to get stuck-in and work together to truly deliver on that socially justice and equal Europe for all.

Commenting on our new Membership, Secretary General Heather Roy said:

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Diakonie München und Oberbayern and Diaconía Madrid to our diaconal network.

The past 18-months have been some of the most challenging in many of our organisational lifetimes. However, despite the immense difficulties, I have been deeply encouraged by the determination and passion shown by all of our Members in their response to the crisis. Indeed, Diakonie München und Oberbayern and Diaconía Madrid have not only continued business-as-usual service provision, they have adapted and responded effectively to emerging needs – building upon the invaluable work they have both carried out in their respective communities for years.

I am very much looking forward to working with them and advocating for a more socially just Europe for all.”