Together with our members Diaconia Valdese and Slezska Diakonie, we participated in a workshop on “Quality management in Long-Term-Care (LTC): How to train the staff members in quality principles” from 4th to 7th March in Bratislava.

12 participants from Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia and the Netherlands discussed and shared their experiences with systems of quality management in Europe, discussing the possibilities of implementation the European Voluntary Quality Framework and Quality principles produced by Eurodiaconia. Participants gained specific insights in the situation of quality systems in long term care in Slovakia, complemented by two study visits to facilities and their approaches to quality management in Bratislava (Dom Rafael) and Skalica (Zariadenie pre seniorov).

The workshop was hosted by the University of Trnava and is part of the Erasmus+ project “Q-Europe. Quality Management Systems and Impact Measuring in providing LTC” lead by Slezska Diakonie.

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