sleszka-diakonie-foster-family-conferenceOur member in the Czech Republic, Slezské Diakonie, will host the 5th Annual Conference on its foster care programme on 1st June in Těšín.

The conference, this year titled ‘Children and Foster Families’ will provide the opportunity for those involved in foster care programmes, and those interested in providing support for children at risk, to discuss practices and learn about the programme offered at Slezské Diakonie. The conference will also broach the themes of long-term care in children’s homes and foster families.

There will be various speakers present at the conference with expertise in child care and foster care, institutional support, and child education and psychology. In addition, there will be a perspective presented from Bishop from the Silesian Evangelical Church Council.

Current or prospective foster families, experts in the field of child care, and others interested in the issue of child protection are invited to attend. This year’s conference will take place on June 1st at Mojská Community Center in Český Těšín.

You can find out more about how to register for the 5th Annual Conference for the Slezské Diakonie foster care programme via the organization’s website.