The European Commission has recently adopted a decision to establish the European Social Dialogue Committee for social services. This Committee will serve as a platform to facilitate collaboration and dialogue between employers and workers in the social services sector, which encompasses approximately 9 million workers throughout the European Union. The decision was made in response to a joint request submitted by the European social partner organizations in the sector back in July 2021. Notable organizations involved include Social Employers and CEMR representing employers, as well as EPSU, UNI-Europa, and CESI representing workers. As the 44th European social dialogue committee, the establishment of this new Committee will have a significant impact on the social services sector across the EU.

The European Social Dialogue Committee for social services will play a crucial role in shaping policies and fostering cooperation within the sector. It will provide a dedicated space for discussions and responses to consultations initiated by European institutions. The Committee will enable stakeholders to share their perspectives, exchange best practices, and collectively address the challenges faced by the sector. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to the shaping of European, national, and local social and employment policies. The Committee places a strong emphasis on strengthening the capacity of national social partners, promoting joint actions, and advocating for fair working conditions.

This decision reflects the EU’s commitment to social dialogue and its inclusive approach to addressing the needs of the rapidly expanding social services sector. Eurodiaconia is delighted to witness this advancement in the social services sector, as it signifies a positive step towards promoting collaboration, dialogue, and the well-being of workers within the sector.