Over the last two months, our Greek member ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛH/Apostolì and the Municipality of Athens have further strengthened cooperation to provide the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with food packs and hygiene kits.

More than 20,000 food and sanitary kits have already been donated to families in need, elderlies, and homeless people in Athens’ suburb of Votanikos. The Archdiocese of Athens and the Municipality of Athens have already committed for continuations and expansions of this emergency distribution programme throughout the pandemic to provide material relief to the people in the margins.

The “Help At Home Plus” program played a catalytic role in this effort, providing in particular:

  • 16,800 beneficiaries with food packs thanks to the funding of the European Social Fund
  • 800 traditional Easter meals, distributed on Easter Day in different homeless shelters and on the streets of Athens thanks to special “street work teams.”
  • 750 elderlies with domiciliary care and food aid.

To know more about Apostolì’s programmes in a time of COVID-19, please visit its website.