schermata-2016-09-16-alle-14-45-26Our British member The Free Churches Group is holding a meeting with Rt. Hon. Sir Simon Hughes MP titled “Is now the Autumn or a new Springtime of Dissent?

The event is part of the Annual Lecture of the General Body of Protestant Dissenting Deputies & Ministers (The Deputies), and will take place on the 29th of November at the Free Churches House in London, UK.

The “Deputies” were established as elected lay people, working with a body of Ministers, in 1732 and earlier to fight for the removal of restrictions which excluded the churches and people from many areas of public life. London based, they argued on behalf of churches across the country. The Deputies have a long history of achievement. The Free Churches carefully maintain this somewhat quaint sounding body as an annual society to honour their memory and work. The body also keeps alive

The Free Churches group historic right of direct approach to the Monarch. Today, the Free Churches Group carries out the Deputies’ functions relating to government, as it will be heard during the brief formal proceedings.

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