On the first UN International Day of Care and Support, Eurodiaconia, alongside other co-signatories of the Joint Statement, underscores the urgent need to address the prevailing underinvestment and staff shortages in long-term care. This initiative marks a significant stride in recognizing the indispensable role of care and the dedicated individuals behind it in our societies.

The momentum from the UN International Day of Care and Support is anticipated to foster and drive meaningful changes across the European Union. We, advocating the cause, believe in the transformative power of this recognition.

In light of the current challenges, we call upon all stakeholders to prioritize the shift towards community-based, person-centred, high-quality, affordable, and accessible long-term care systems.


Member States: Present well-funded measures by June 2024 aimed at enhancing long-term care infrastructures.

European Commission: Establish a comprehensive monitoring framework and introduce a dedicated Long-Term Care Platform.

Council of the European Union: Embrace conclusions that promote holistic, patient-centric care models.

EU Parliament: Advocate for supportive financial frameworks and oversee the diligent implementation of the European Care Strategy.

Eurodiaconia remains committed to a future where care is not just a service but a testament to our values and humanity.

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