Eurodiaconia is looking for a researcher/consultant to whom commission a research on demographic change in Europe and the future of Long-Term Care (LTC).

The ongoing COVID-crisis has exacerbated already existing challenges which the long-term care sector was facing, due to chronic underfunding, making even more visible issues such as staff shortages and insufficient availability of long-term care services. Demographic change is furthermore expected to increase the need of long-term care significantly over the next years and decades. In this context the European Commission has announced the publication of a European Care Strategy to address the shortcomings and ensure high quality accessible and affordable long-term care provision.

This research report aims at identifying the concrete challenges that demographic change is posing to not-for-profit long-term care providers, such as those in the Eurodiaconia network. Based on research among the membership, the report should also formulate policy messages regarding measures to strengthen long-term care provision and mitigate the impact of demographic change.

The final research report will be presented to external stakeholders, in particular representatives from the European Commission, in order to feed into the proposed European Care Strategy.

Interest shall be expressed by the 31st March 2022 by e-mail to

Further detailed information can be found in the call document.