The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), Caritas Europa and Eurodiaconia release today their joint statement calling on Member States to agree on a strong Council Recommendation on adequate minimum income schemes in the EU. In the statement they identify some shortcomings that should be urgently addressed by Member States before the approval of the Proposal by the Council.

The European Commission released its proposal for a Council Recommendation on adequate minimum income ensuring active inclusion on 28th September. The proposal set out how Member States can modernise their minimum income schemes to make them more effective, lifting people out of poverty while promoting the labour market integration of those who can work. The Proposal is part of the initiatives announced in the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan and seeks to contribute to the EU-level headline target to reduce the number of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion by at least 15 million people by 2030.

Critical points identified by the signing parties in the Proposal include the absence of a rights-based approach, accessibility of services and individualised support, access to labour markets, non-take-up as well as shortcomings on governance, monitoring and reporting.

Please find the detailed joint statement here.

EAPN, Caritas and Eurodiaconia are leading networks in the fight against poverty and social inclusion across Europe and have been advocating for adequate minimum income schemes for many years.