Migration is a global phenomenon that impacts on every part of society and therefore is of common interest to the EU and its member states. At Eurodiaconia, we focus on migration in terms of the social inclusion of migrants and refugees through access to social and health care services as well as promoting education and employment. We have placed special emphasis on integration services that empower female migrants and highlighted the role of local communities in making integration and inclusion work for both migrants and host societies.

Eurodiaconia has established a Migration Network that gives our members the opportunity to discuss topics of common interest at annual conferences. We also send out a monthly Migration update covering EU policy news, events, calls for proposals and resources and publications. If you have information to share with the Network such as an event announcement or a publication or if you wish to receive further information on this topic, please contact our Policy and Membership Development Officer Andrea Sánchez Caballero at andrea.sanchez@eurodiaconia.org.