Visu active inclusion and min income (2000x1333)Active Inclusion is an EU strategy which aims to promote the social inclusion and social protection of those furthest from the labour market by tackling issues of minimum income, access to quality services and inclusive labour markets in an integrated way. The objective of the active inclusion strategy is to facilitate the integration into sustainable, quality employment of those who can work and provide resources which are sufficient to live in dignity, together with support for social participation, for those who cannot. As of 2008, Member States have agreed to implement this strategy.
In our briefing on active inclusion, we explain the political developments of the strategy, a summary of the European Commission’s (EC) Recommendation on active inclusion and guidelines on how members can be engaged in evaluating the implementation of the strategy nationally.

Past actions:
In 2013, there was a report released by the European Commission as part of the Social Investment Package (SIP) stocktaking on the implementation of the active inclusion principles by the Member States. Please find the report here.
In 2012, Eurodiaconia carried out an assessment among its members on the implementation of the 2008 active inclusion Recommendation. Download our assessment here
In 2010, we carried out a short questionnaire among our members followed by a discussion in the social services seminar on members’ initial reflections of the AI strategy. With this input from members we wrote to the European Commission giving a summary of feedback on the implementation of the principles of the EC’s Recommendation (Communication to the European Commission: Monitoring the implementation of active inclusion principles).
In June 2008, Eurodiaconia wrote a letter to the Social Protection Committee in anticipation of their discussions and recommendations to the European Commission on Active Inclusion in which we highlight some of our key messages drawn from our response (see above) to the consultation. Click here for the text of the letter.
In March 2008, Eurodiaconia responded to the European Commission’s consultation on “Modernising social protection for greater social justice and economic cohesion: taking forward the active inclusion of people furthest from the labour market COM(2007) 620 final”. Click here to read the response.

To learn more about active inclusion and minimum income, please contact our Policy Officer Anne-Sophie Wislocki