Roma inclusion is a hot topic here in Brussels, especially in view of the EU Framework on national Roma integration strategies that aims to end the social exclusion of Europe’s largest ethnic minority. In this context, Eurodiaconia promotes the empowerment of Roma people as a cross-cutting issue, focusing on access to education, housing and social and health care services. We pay close attention to the specific needs of vulnerable groups among Roma, such as children, women and EU mobile Roma.

In 2009, Eurodiaconia established a Roma Network to share promising practices and common obstacles in the work with local Roma communities among our members. The Network meets annually but we also send out a regular Roma update covering specific EU policy news, events, calls for proposals and resources and publications. If you have information to share with the Network such as an event announcement or a publication or if you wish to receive more information on this topic, please contact our Policy and Membership Development Officer Abriel Schieffelers at