We are proud to showcase the achievements of two of our members, Slezská diakonie from the Czech Republic and Diaconia Valdese from Italy, through their collaborative project, “Dementia Friendly Communities.”

Innovative Approach to Elderly Care

Our member, Slezská diakonie, has been a pioneer in providing services to the elderly, particularly those living with dementia. In partnership with Diaconia Valdese, they embarked on an ambitious project under the Erasmus+ program to enhance the quality of life for individuals with dementia. This initiative stands as a shining example of how member organizations within our network are leading the way in innovative elderly care.

Key Achievements and Learning

The project’s success is rooted in its collaborative and educational approach. Staff from Slezská diakonie gained invaluable insights through job-shadowing at Diaconia Valdese in Italy, experiencing firsthand how dementia-friendly communities function. The project also involved inviting Italian experts to the Czech Republic to share their knowledge, thereby enriching the skills of the local staff and community.

Impact and Future Endeavors

The outcomes of this project have been profound:

  • Enhanced service quality at Slezská diakonie
  • Transfer of innovative methods in dementia care
  • Development of skills and knowledge among staff and the community
  • Strengthened international collaborations

The success of this initiative paves the way for further advancements in dementia care, with plans already underway for a new project starting in January 2024.

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