Nestled in Timișoara, the Support and Counseling Information Center for People in Difficulty (CISCPAD) stands as a steadfast stronghold for individuals grappling with socio-professional challenges. Guided by our member Timișoara Philanthropy Foundation since its establishment in 2012, this center has consistently provided support and understanding. 

Central to CISCPAD’s ethos is an unwavering commitment to combat the myriad forces that lead individuals toward social exclusion. Drawing referrals from a wide range of sources, including Romanian Orthodox Parishes and various professional entities, as well as individuals seeking assistance independently, the center has become an indispensable resource for countless individuals seeking guidance. What sets CISCPAD apart is its inclusive approach, extending a welcoming hand to people from all walks of life without prejudice. 

In today’s intricate societal fabric, mental health issues are increasingly prevalent, and CISCPAD recognizes this pressing reality. They have tailored their services to prioritize mental health inclusion. Their psychological support is designed to cater to the nuanced needs of the marginalized, ensuring no one feels isolated in their struggles. But CISCPAD knows that mental health support transcends therapy. It’s about forging an environment where individuals are recognized, respected, and aided in their socio-professional journeys. 

Additionally, CISCPAD’s initiative to guide beneficiaries through various processes and connect them to other essential services underscores their comprehensive strategy. They aim for sustainable solutions, rather than just immediate relief. 

Their collaboration with the “Masa Bucuriei Program” and Selgros Timișoara store further amplifies their impact, addressing the fundamental necessity of food and alleviating potential financial stresses for beneficiaries. 

In essence, CISCPAD exemplifies the power of community collaboration in supporting those who need it most. Their focus on mental health inclusion doesn’t just tackle an urgent issue; it paves the way for a more inclusive and mentally resilient society. In an era where mental health priorities can be overshadowed, the efforts of CISCPAD serve as a guiding light.