This position paper recently published by our member Kirkens Korshaer in Denmark is aimed at raising awareness about homeless migrants’ (including EU mobile citizens) rights and living conditions in Denmark. The paper presents an overview of the current situation for homeless unregistered migrants in Denmark, an analysis of how current policies and practices impact the group and finally it provides recommendations for future action addressed to decision makers at national and European level.

Homeless migrants without registration in Denmark are currently not given access to publicly funded shelters) in most Danish municipalities. The state has granted funding for emergency shelters during the coldest winter months through the so-called “Nødherbergspulje”. However this funding is far from sufficient as it doesn’t respond to the urgent need for help and support many homeless migrants face year-round. Due to a change in practice, homeless EU-citizens have been, since 2007, denied access to publicly funded shelters in Denmark.

Kompasset’s users have consistently reported that when they ask for help at the Job Center or Citizens Service centers they are often given incomplete or incorrect information about their rights as EU-citizens in Denmark. Also, when asking for help during the registration process, the information and support were insufficient, leaving users confused and often unable to register without Kompasset’s assistance.

Download the position paper here.