At the end of 2015, the European Commission published its Annual Growth Survey for the year 2016. The document marks the first step in the annual European Semester cycle, outlining key policy priorities with regards to budgetary consolidation, economic growth and social inclusion.

Eurodiaconia has now published a briefing which aims to inform Eurodiaconia members about the specific content of the 2016 AGS, its strong points and its drawbacks from a social perspective, and its relevance for national advocacy. It highlights important AGS passages and statements which Eurodiaconia members can use in their engagement with national governments – it shows how members can draw on the AGS to reinforce their call for poverty reduction and social investment in times of austerity. It also provides information on follow-up actions and contact details of key stakeholders. To access the briefing, please click here.

For more information on the European Semester process, please have a look at Eurodiaconia’s Europe 2020 Toolkit. To read the 2015 report on member experiences in the framework of the European Semester, please click here.

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