During our last Annual General Meeting in Wroclaw (PL), we presented our 2017 Annual Report, covering the organization’s activities over the last year.

The new Annual Report’s design and contents style focusing on the impact of our advocacy work and activities for/with members reflects the organization’s acknowledgment to increase focus on outcomes and impact of its actions. This is part of a more mainstreamed approach towards impact in line with our new Strategic Plan 2018-21.

Thanks to the support of all our members, our Supervisory Board, and the whole team, in 2017 we successfully promoted best practices sharing among the network and made the voice of diaconia heard at EU level, engaging with the major policy-makers.

The annual report begins with a message from our Board Chairperson Romana Bélová and our Secretary General Heather Roy, who reflect on the mission of faith-based service providers and look back at an extraordinary year for the network marked by many successful events, study visits, and publications.
The second part provides figures and more in-depth accounts of Eurodiaconia’s finances, covering social policies, and engagement in the political framework of the European Pillar of Social Rights

As an organization working for social justice, we think people with disabilities have the right to access information that is easy to read and understand. This is the reason why this year’s Annual Report was also published in an easy-to-read version for persons with mental disability.

To know more about Eurodiaconia in 2017, please have a look at our 2017 Annual Report or at our Annual Report  easy-to-read version.