Flyer event Building Back Better Conference organised by the Free Churches Group On the 26th of November from 10.30-11.30 am (GMT), our British member The Free Churches Group will be holding an online meeting to launch its latest report on the impact of churches on social cohesion in the UK.

A summer of Black Lives Matter protests, and the struggle to balance personal freedom with group responsibility throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has not only made clear how vitally important social cohesion is, but have also underlined that cohesive societies do not just happen by accident. Rather, time and effort are required to build up social capital over time – and this report particularly uncovers the many ways in which the nation’s churches are offering this time and effort in abundance.

This new report, titled “The Church and Social Cohesion: Connecting Communities and Serving People” is the culmination of a major research project commissioned by the Free Churches Group and prepared by Theos Think Tank, which has consulted with over 360 people in England to assess the churches’ social cohesion contribution on the ground.

The report concentrates on the range of church-based assets that are fostering positive cohesion outcomes away from the headlines: buildings, social networks, convening power, leadership, volunteer capacity, and vision for the transformation of their communities. Moreover, it observes the Christian motivations behind this day-to-day community engagement and unpacks the different ways these motivations can play out in the churches’ relationships with other organizations, whether public sector representatives, other faith communities, or indeed other churches.

Finally, it also offers several practical recommendations for how both churches and policymakers can maximize the churches’ potential to foster social cohesion in the community.

To know more about the online meeting and the report, check our member’s website.

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