Logo_KIA_1On 10 November 2014, the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR) ruled that the Dutch government needs to provide undocumented migrants with food, clothing and shelter, to ensure they can live their lives in dignity.

The Dutch government is currently not providing any services to undocumented migrants who are unwilling or unable to return to their countries of origin. Often times, they end up living on the streets and depend on charity to survive.

Kerk in Actie, Eurodiaconia’s member in the Netherlands, was actively involved in the filing of a complaint against the Dutch government via the Conference of European Churches, emphasising that the access to housing and to social and healthcare services is guaranteed under Articles 13.4 and 31.2 of the European Social Charter. With the ECSR’s ruling in the Churches’ favour, the Dutch government, which has signed and ratified the Social Charter, will now be legally obligated to improve access to basic services for undocumented migrants.

To access the full text of the complaint and the decision, please click here.