Gears_RainbowEurodiaconia has produced an update of its Principles for Quality Social Services. The principles aim to constitute a reflection on the principles that should guide the provision of quality social services. In the eyes of Eurodiaconia and its member organizations, quality should be viewed as a core, defining feature of social provision. Far from a dispensable element in the present context of tight social budgets, quality represents a smart investment that yields substantial economic and social returns. In this way, quality renders social services sustainable over time and maximizes the potential of social intervention to bring well-being to users, as well as prosperity and economic growth to society as a whole.

These principles follow previous Eurodiaconia work on the subject. Indeed, the profound changes operated in the EU during the last years have transformed dramatically the scenario in which social services are run. In this context, Eurodiaconia’s quality principles aims to reiterate that only when the dimension of quality is fully integrated into the organization, financing and provision of social services, the positive impact of services on people can be released.

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