Volunteering Platform

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To match people willing to volunteer to volunteering opportunities in diaconal organisations in Europe, this platform displays such opportunities and gives you the possibility to apply for them directly on line!

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Funding Toolkit

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Eurodiaconia has developed an interactive funding toolkit for members in order to support their development.

As you navigate through the petals you will easily find the funding information that you are looking for.

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Calls for Project Proposals

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Eurodiaconia secretariat collects and gathers on this platform EU calls for project proposals in the field of social and health care services.

Our members are encouraged to apply jointly! For more information about project partnerships, please contact Theresa Schlage.

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Semester Toolkit


The European Semester is a European process for coordination of the national budgetary and economic policies, which is the framework for Member States to reach the Europe 2020 objectives.

It consists of an annual cycle of political activities which primarily involves the European Commission and EU Member States’ governments, but it also relies on the participation of other actors including NGO platforms as ours.

This toolkit shows why the European semester is relevant to diaconal organisations and how to be involved.

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Social Policy Processes Training Module


This training module aims to provide a basic knowledge of what the European Union is and its impact on social policy (including social services), so that our members can better understand the impact of EU decisions on their work, and how to respond to them.

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European Semester Quarterly

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Four times a year the Eurodiaconia Secretariat publishes the European Semester Quarterly, which aims at providing you key information on the European Semester, so that your engagement in the Semester may be more productive, focused and recognised. It contains analyses of recent documents related to the Semester, updates and tips and tricks on how to make your voice heard.

Ensuring a good economic and social policy basis for diaconal work and social work in general is essential and Eurodiaconia hopes to encourage you with this resource to get involved in the Semester process.

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