On 24 March Diaconia Valdese, our member in Italy, received an award for their project “‘Us with You – Ambassadors for Alzheimer’s” from the Network of European Foundations (NEF) in the category “Living well with dementia in the community”.

The project’s initiatives acknowledge, support, maintain, extend, demonstrate and ‘celebrate the possible’ in the lives of people with Alzheimer’s and offer them the opportunity to be advocates or ‘Ambassadors for Alzheimer’s’, creating new ambassadors in the local community. The project includes the development of: 1. a home care service; 2. home-based training and support for caregivers; 3. a drop-in at a local coffee shop; 4. community and socio-pedagogical activities for people with  and without AD within and outside the Refuge; 5. information and awareness events and training in the local community.  jury of European experts from the Centre for Social Innovation (AT), Ashoka (DE), the Netwell Centre of the Dundalk Institute of Technology (IE), the Centre of Socio-economic Gerontological Research of the Italian National Research Centre on Ageing (IT), the Ageing Research Centre of the Karolinska Institutet (SE) and AGE Platform Europe.

All projects receiving awards in this category with contact details can be found here. The NEF press release can be found here.