Eurodiaconia is pleased to announce a new policy paper entitled “Demographic Change: Ageing and Long-term care” which can be downloaded here. It outlines the main challenges for ensuring older people have access to quality long-term care and can live a dignified life from the perspective of diaconal organisations and then makes recommendations to meet those challenges.

The topics it covers are: Preventive care, Tackling isolation and poverty, Independent living, Assistive Technologies and Ambient Assisted Living, Comprehensive, accessible, integrated care systems, Understanding the needs of older people and personalised care, Informal and family carers and jobs in the care sector and Intergenerational understanding and solidarity.

The paper draws from discussions and conclusions from the Healthy Aging and Long Term Care Network meetings for members, the conference Active Ageing through Social Inclusion in 2012 and last year’s public discussion “Active Ageing for the oldest in society: How can services and new technology contribute?” The draft paper was sent to members for consultation and the final version was approved by the Eurodiaconia board.