Our Norwegian member, the Diakonhjemmet Foundation has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Norway Health Tech. The goal is to link Diakonhjemmet’s students and operating organizations more closely to the health industry to develop better health and care services of the future.

The goal is to ensure the introduction of solutions and opportunities for new and better services, and to create a dynamic where specific needs and development opportunities are matched with solutions that the industry offers. These solutions should be needs-driven, user-oriented and value-conscious.

The ambition for Diakonhjemmet is to accelerate and increase the pace of innovation in line with the health industry, which has one of the keys to creating a more sustainable health care system. They want to be a laboratory where tomorrow’s health solutions are tested, in line with Diakonhjemmet’s strategic plan for 2020-2030.

To find more information about Diakonhjemmet new partnership, please visit their website.