Eurodiaconia has published its latest policy paper on the topic of mental health, titled Caring for people’s mental health. Eurodiaconia members have direct experience as providers of services for people with mental health issues, a term which applies to a range of conditions from emotional wellbeing, to mental disorders associated to stress, to mental illness like schizophrenia. In their work, our members witness and act upon the challenges associated with mental health, including the stigma and negative stereotypes which are still associated with mental health issues in Europe today. In light of such an experience, Eurodiaconia views action for better mental health as essential to break the vicious circle established between ill mental health and social exclusion.

In this context, Eurodiaconia calls for ambitious efforts on many fronts to address the cross-cutting dimension of mental health issues, its many facets and increasing impact on people. This policy paper aims to seize the opportunity to stress why any effort towards a more social Europe should also look at mental health as a key dimension of people’s well-being.

You can learn more about our work on this important topic, and our recommendations made, in the Caring for people’s mental health policy paper.