Our member Diakonie ČCE – one of the main service providers for the elderly in the Czech Republic- published a guide updating the current situation of residential facilities for the elderly in that country.

This article captures the reality being experienced by 57,000 seniors in the Czech Republic who reside in this type of housing. This number represents about 2.5% of the Czech senior population, with numbers set to grow due to the ageing of society.

It is for this reason that residential facilities must be properly adapted and equipped to meet the needs of their inhabitants and not fall into myths and false ideas that do not benefit them.

The publication “Like at Home”, by Diakonie Vsetín’s director Dan Žárský, offers some detailed and concrete tips to help build safe, cosy, and dignified homes that take into account the particularities and needs of old age.

You can read the full article at the following link.