iStock_000002979780_Large_original - Copy (1280x851)Eurodiaconia members debt-related services all over Europe. Reaching several thousands of people each year, they mainly provide debt advice, debt-prevention and debt-alleviation (i.e. Welfare support for households with debt problems) services, but their assistance also goes through services of responsible money borrowing, arrears management, advocacy on responsible lending and assistance with taxes. In doing so, they face an increasing and changing demand for services.

They underline what they see as essential to tackle over-indebtedness in Europe:

  • more EU funding for organisations working on debt relief;
  • the promotion of a holistic approach to helping people in debts;
  • stricter regulation of debt collection companies and creditor companies to prevent predatory lending and abusive practices;
  • and a stronger focus on children and adult financial education and literacy in order to provide necessary information and advice before people fall into debt.

Eurodiaconia is a member of EFIN the European Financial Inclusion network.

For more information on Eurodiaconia’s work on debt and financial inclusion, please read our policy paper here and briefing for members here. If you have any question, please contact our Policy Officer Anne-Sophie Wislocki at