The European Commission has recently highlighted two new reports on the opportunities and the challenges deriving from children’s use of digital technologies, related to several programmes included in the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC).

The first study, UNICEF’s “Children in a Digital World” report, takes a comprehensive look at the different ways digital technology affects children. The report discusses the positive impact of internet use in terms of development of digital skills and employability, but also identify the potential negative aspects, such as growing inequalities and digital divides as well as potential dangers deriving from online presence.

The importance of awareness of online safety for children is drawn in the new report from England’s Children’s Commissioner, “Life in Likes”, focused on how 8- to 12-year-olds use social media and their online safety awareness. The study found that while children knew how to protect themselves from predators and physical risks, for example by not posting any photos that could identify their location, they were less aware of how to stay safe on a more emotional level – especially when it came to cyberbullying.

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