Between yesterday and today, 27 and 28 July 2022, arrived at Roma Fiumicino airport 300 Afghan refugees.

On November 4, 2021, following the fall of Kabul at the hands of the Taliban, it was signed a memorandum of understanding between the Italian State, the Community of Sant ‘Egidio, the Federation of the Evangelical Churches in Italy, Tavola Valdese, Arci, Caritas Italiana, IOM, INMP e UNHCR which provides issuance of 1200 visas and the opening of humanitarian corridors for Afghans citizens. However, from the first emergency evacuation conducted in August 2021 until now, it has not been possible to reopen the sections.

Collaboration between institutions, civil society organizations and international bodies wants to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. It aims to secure Afghan refugees and persecuted people, with particular attention to women and minors.

Services Inclusion of Our member Waldensian Diaconia will welcome, for this first arrival, 15 people, including three families. People will be welcomed in apartments and included in widespread reception projects to start a path of integration and recovery of one’s autonomy.

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