On 28th of June, our Polish member Diakonia Polska participated in the launch of a new smartphone app called “StreetSmart” in Bytom, Poland.

The app has been developed within the Erasmus+ Project by the Belgian organisation Mobile School, in partnership with our member’s Centre of Mission and Evangelisation of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland and the NGOs ARSIS and PRAKSIS from Greece.

The new app is aimed at helping youth workers to register and deal with data in order to work more efficiently and to continuously improve their work with and for youngsters living on the streets.

The system automatically shows useful reports and dashboards, helping youth workers to see evolution and increase their impact. The app was also implemented to pragmatically and intuitively follow up on the empowerment process of the kid using visuals. Last but not least, the new system will also reinforce the ability to prove how relevant and impactful their work is to governments and financers, attracting new funding.

To know more about the new app for youth workers check Mobile School website.

Photo © Mobile School