Our Czech member Diakonie Ceskobratrske Cirkve Evangelicke has launched a new website to celebrate the work of social caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Together with medical staff, police officers, firefighters, pharmacists and shop assistants, social workers and caretakers are also part of the front line personnel helping everyone else go through the pandemic. In an effort to recognise their immense contribution to our well-being, Diakonie CCE has launched an online platform where thankful citizens can send messages of appreciation and encouragement to support social workers.

People willing to express their gratitude and contribute to the project are invited to do so by recording a video, taking a photo or writing a short message and sharing in on their personal Facebook or Instagram accounts with the hashtag #dekujemepecovatelkamkam. For those who do not use social media, the platform also offers a simple free-text form where they can leave a message for the social workers.

The website features such messages first posted on the beneficiaries’ social media accounts as well as original in-depth entries written by Diakonie CCE’s institutions across the country.


To learn more about the initiative, please visit Diakonie CCE’s website.