Our Czech member Diakonie Ceskobratrske Cirkve Evangelicke has launched an extra, summer edition of its “Shoe Box” campaign. This time the donation initiative is specifically focused on collecting items for home schooling and remote education.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak children across the country have been unable to attend schools and continue their education. Classes have been moved online but low-income families struggle to provide their children with the necessary technical equipment and assistance. Many children living in poverty are now left without access to lectures and assignments due to the lack of internet connection at home, laptops etc. The problem extends also to children with disabilities who need even more sophisticated, expensive and hard-to-supply technology to be able to access educational materials.

Diakonie CCE has decided to address the problem by organising a summer version of its “Shoe Box” campaign – the biggest donation campaign in the Czech Republic usually conducted around Christmas. People willing to help can do so by visiting the initiative’s website and selecting amount of money they wish to donate to children in need.

Pavel Hanych, Spokesperson for Diakonia CCE, says that if these COVID-born technical and educational issues are left unaddressed this will set children from low-income families even further back, adding to the already many challenges they are facing.


To learn more about this project, please visit Diakonie CCE’s website.