buttonsYesterday and today, 27th and 28th April, our member in Latvia Diakonija Latvijā  (Diakonia Latvia), held creative workshops on the renewal and refurbishment of clothes and household items in an environmentally friendly way.

Diakonia Latvia provides social and health care services in cooperation with the Riga social services, police, schools, hospitals and other municipal and state institutions in the tradition of diaconia. Their latest creative workshops were carried out alongside the ‘home ecos’ association, a Latvian environmental organisation that supports environment friendly ideas, and promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The event was aimed at understanding the life cycle of clothes and other household items, and how to recycle and renew in a creative and sustainable way. The workshops were aimed at children, young people and their parents from socially disadvantaged families, as well as adults who use Diakonia Latvia’s social support centers in Riga. The theme of the 2 day event was the development of environmentally friendly practices to make use of objects that might otherwise be thrown away, and share sustainable practices. The event was made possible with the help of volunteers who gave their time and skills to help those in need.

Some of the fruits of the workshop were pet toys made by the workshop participants out of used clothes, pillows and fabric, and these will now be donated to a local Animal Shelter. The event was part of Diakonia Latvia’s “Learn and help!” programme, which is co-financed by the Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Social Integration Program.

You can learn more about the environmentally friendly workshops held by our member in Latvia on their website.