Picture of A Rocha - Les Courmettes facility. An old mansion surrounded by nature What if the current Covid-19 pandemic had at least the merit to make us reconsider our priorities, even when it comes to our holidays?

Our French member Fédération de l’Entraide Protestante (FEP) has recently relaunched its network of social tourism as an alternative to traditional holidays.

The 50 guesthouses and meeting centres part of FEP’s social tourism network are located across the entire country and are deeply tied with the French Protestant heritage. These centres aim to be an affordable and safe space for their guests to experience the joy of community life and discover the best in others.

The FEP’s social tourism network centres are anchored in the essence of the social economy and are equipped to host families, groups, elderly people, or people with disabilities from France or Abroad.

According to the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) social tourism can be defined as “The connections and phenomena related to the participation of people in the countries of destinations as well as of holidaymakers, of disadvantaged layers of society or those unable to participate in tourism, holidays and their advantages for whatever reason.

The guesthouses part of the network have implemented special health protection procedures based on reopening protocols to offer hospitality according to health security standards, to safeguard the health and well-being of their guests and staff.


To know more about the FEP’s social tourism network and book a “social holiday”, check our member’s website.


Photo © A Rocha – Les Courmettes